View of Factory Scene

Major Facilities:
U.S.A. AJAX 15.8 M/T Low Frequency Induction Melting Furnace
AUSTRIA METATHERM Horizontal Continuous Casting Machine
JAPAN UBE 2450 US Ton Oil-hydraulic Double Action Extrusion Press
JAPAN MIYAZAKI Combined Drawing, Straightening, Cutting to Length and Polishing Machine
JAPAN KAWAZOE Straightening Machine
Annealing Furnace, Pickling Equipment
Multi-channel X-Ray Spectrometer
Optical Emission Spectrometer

2450 Ton Extrusion Press

Extrusion Press

Furnance & Continuous Casting Machine
Extrusion Press

Continuous Chamfer Machine

ARL Metal Analyzer

Micro Hardness Testing Machine

Universal Testing Machine
The Equipments for Waste-Processing
We take the protection of the environment very seriously.

Dust Collector Equipment

Waste Water Treatment Facilities